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Moayad Al-Naquib  is a licenced realtor living in Hermosa Beach who spent his formative years in Kuwait. He has 18 years of experience in the securities industry. He served as an equity sales trader at Crowell Weedon and Co., Wedbush Securities and Paine Webber (all in Los Angeles), before specializing in real estate.


Moayad is the quintessential Southern Californian: he is a qualified yoga instructor and a practicing vegan, while enjoying hiking and snowboarding.


He holds a BS in Electronics Engineering from Colorado Technical University, and an Associate of Science degree in biomedical engineering from the Kuwait Institute of Technology.

Motez Bishara has 20 years of experience working in finance, notably as a senior portfolio manager at the Kuwait Investment Office. He also served as a board member of the Victoria Jungfrau Collection, a luxury hotel group based in Zurich. In addition, he manages a personal property portfolio with assets in London and Los Angeles.


He received a BA in Mathematics and Computer Science from Boston University, an MBA from Tulane University, and a Master of International Journalism from City University in London.


In 2009, the partners met at an organic cafe in Hermosa Beach popular with the yoga community. They became fast friends and shared their stories of growing up in Kuwait along with their love of Southern California and all that it has to offer (with some overlap between the two). 


Moayad soon rediscovered his fondness for the Gulf and decided to visit Kuwait, where he had not been for over 20 years. Reconnecting with his many relatives there, Moayad realized that he missed interacting with people from his homeland. 


In the meantime, Motez began buying property in Los Angeles, which he determined offered great value versus other major international hubs. After his first purchase in 2012, he fielded many questions from friends and aquaintances interested in doing the same. Ultimately, the idea of helping their peers enjoy the benefits of California property made perfect sense. The unity of their financial and cultural backgrounds went hand-in-hand with establishing a real estate advisory based in Los Angeles.